Benefits of Solar Power

Cost savings

Installing solar PV saves you money. The money that you invest in your solar PV system is typically recovered in 6-7 years through reductions in your electrical bill. The major components of your system – the solar panels and the inverters – are warranted for 25 years. The PV system life can easily exceed 30 years, which means you have 24+ years of free electricity.

Capital investment

Solar PV is now mainstream technology, and widely accepted. The installation of your solar PV system on your home is an investment that adds to the value of your home.


A well designed and properly installed solar PV system can also be very attractive and adds ‘curb appeal’ your home.

Maintenance free

There are no moving parts in your solar PV system. It is all electrical and electronic. Short of a major natural disaster that physically damages your home (and the solar PV system) there is little that can go wrong. Your solar PV system requires virtually no maintenance.

Protect the environment

Most utility electricity is still produced from carbon-based fuels. These contribute to the global warming that has so many scientists concerned. Most studies indicate that, unless significant reductions are made in the emission of greenhouse gases, the planet will suffer serious consequences within this century. With the installation of your solar PV system, you have become a part of the solution to this crisis.