Solarize Anchorage 2019

Solarize Anchorage RegistrationThe 2019 Solarize Anchorage project is a joint effort between the Anchorage Communities of Turnagain, Rogers Park, Spenard, and South Addition and the Alaska Center and the Alaska Center for Energy and Power (ACEP) at the University of Alaska to make residential and small commercial solar PV energy systems more accessible and affordable for homeowners and commercial property owners in the Anchorage Municipality.

The Solarize Anchorage program is designed to reduce customer acquisition costs and other common barriers to promote greater adoption of residential and small commercial solar PV. The Solarize Anchorage campaign has assisted the participating communities in selecting solar PV installers through a competitive bidding process. ABS Alaskan was one of three installers selected to participate in the Solarize Anchorage project. We are the installer for the Rogers Park community. If you are in the Turnagain, Spenard, or South Addition communities, please click here to contact the Alaska Center for your installer information.

The goals of the programs are simple:

    • Make solar PV more accessible and affordable to homeowners and commercial property owners in the participating neighborhoods.
    • Substantially increase the number of solar PV installations in the community.
    • Lower the cost of solar PV energy by reducing customer acquisition costs for selected PV contractors and transferring those savings to residents.
  • Significantly ramp up adoption of solar PV in a way that can be sustained beyond the timeframe of the present Solarize Anchorage campaign.

ABS Alaskan is committed to providing quality solar PV systems to homeowners in Anchorage at very competitive prices.